Kenya to make doping a criminal offence

Kenya’s sports minister says new legislation to make doping a criminal offence will be presented to parliament on Monday as the country scrambles to avoid being declared non-compliant with world anti-doping rules.

Speaking on Kenyan television on Wednesday (NZT Thursday), sports minister Hassan Wario said “we are working behind the scenes” to ensure the proposed legislation is approved and passed into law.

Anti-doping legislation is one of the things Kenya has been asked to put in place by the World Anti-Doping Agency by an April 5 deadline. Kenya’s government must also provide proper funding for the new national anti-doping agency.

Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya chief executive Japhter Rugut said it received only US$3 million (NZ$4.5m) of the US$5m (NZ$7.5m) the government has approved for its setup costs 10 days ago.


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